5 domestic uses of our skip hire services

Skips are popular with homeowners because they are suitable for so many clearance projects. We provide the skip hire Hartlepool finds handy for a number of tasks, both big and small. Below are five domestic projects you can use one of our skips for.

Garden Work

If you are lucky to have a garden you’ll need to keep on top of maintenance. When looking for a way to deal with the green waste that comes from jobs, a simple way is to book one of our skips. This works regardless of how much there is to deal with as you can choose from a range of sizes. We will attend to it all in an appropriate manner.

Spring Cleaning

This can be at whatever interval works best for you and involve waste or clutter that you want to rid your home of. Doing it on a periodic basis keeps your property clean and free of what you do not want. It can be a general tidy of the house or a deep clean of an area that is in desperate need like a messy garage.

Home Improvement Project

This is something that typically happens to a home at least once. While you are adding something great and valuable, it also creates a lot of waste. Skips provide you with somewhere to put it all for swift removal so that you can start to enjoy your new space without worry. Whether it is a new bathroom or kitchen, a loft conversion or an extension, use a skip to dispose of waste.

Moving On From A Property

Our work can be helpful if you are looking to prepare your home for selling. In this case, it can be beneficial to get rid of rubbish, unwanted items and clutter. This will allow you to present your home better, hopefully increasing interest and value. In addition, it ensures that you are only taking what you want and need to your new home.

If you want to know about what we accept in our skips, we would always be happy to discuss this with you. To make waste removal affordable and efficient, look to the skip hire Hartlepool can rely on. We can help with the commercial sector too so give L&C Skip Hire a call today.