Advice on recycling glass

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Glass recycling is a big business and has been one of the most common forms for several decades. We have had white, brown, and green bottle banks in our supermarket car parks for as long as we can remember too. However, there has always been trouble with reaching these banks when you have large quantities to recycle. Moreover, some of us have glass and materials other than these bottles to recycle. If you are thinking about recycling at home, we have some advice for you as well as reliable skip hire if you need it.


It is possible for glass to be contaminated by other materials that you throw into the same bin or skip. This includes substances the containers once held. See to it that you empty your bottles and scrape any jars out. Even a simple rinse here can prove to be a massive boon. It will make the lives of the recycle plant workers that much easier. Also, it means fewer products will be rejected.

Be carefulSkip hire Darlington

Make certain that you are careful when handling the materials as well. Broken glass could be a threat if you simply throw it in a bin or skip unprotected. Therefore, you must take sensible precautions like wrapping or packing it.

A domestic skip, in particular, is a wonderful option to handle huge volumes of broken glass. Even if we can’t recycle the glass, there are other ways of repurposing it. For instance, grinding or crushing it to make new products.

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