All you need to know about skip permits

From our base of operations, we assist the entire region of Teesside by providing them with top calibre services. We are the leading business for skip hire Middlesbrough has. This is because we do all that we can to meet everyone’s specific needs.

We want customers to take advantage of some of the most competitive skip hire prices. However, that’s not our only goal. We also wish for them to receive a superior overall service. Part of our commitment to this is organising skip permits when necessary. Some people aren’t aware of what they are or why they need one. This isn’t a problem though, as we’re here to explain it all.

What is a permit?

Skip permits are documents that enable us to position the modules on roads close to grass verges and properties. We need the permission due to local councils having a legal condition to restrict road hazards. If they fail to meet it, motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians can bring harm to others. They have a responsibility to certify that each highway is secure for the public. Those who neglect to acquire a permit are committing an offence under the 1980 Highways Act. This could result in a fine.

Extra information

There are some additional details you must know about as well. Each council makes everyone heed particular guidelines prior to agreeing to the skip’s placement. The guides are different with every council. Nevertheless, the provisions tend to include safety lights, reflective markings, and traffic cones. The council will need the name and address of the skip provider too.

At L&C Skip Hire, the services we offer include rubbish collection and clearance, environmentally friendly practices, domestic and commercial assistance, and more. Professional drivers deliver every skip, so you won’t have to worry about any accidental damages.

If we can be of aid to you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our team will work to your schedule, offering the most reliable skip hire Middlesbrough has to offer. We look forward to hearing from you.