Always remember the basics

Local residents and businesses consider us to be the greatest business working in skip hire Middlesbrough has. We strive to deliver the right skip at the correct time. It doesn’t matter whether you belong to the domestic or industrial sector. We will see to it that you receive the assistance you desire.

As professionals, we know how crucial it is to adhere to the proper safety legislation. Not only does it keep you safe, but it also protects our own operators and any passersby. Just like with the majority of health and safety advice and legislation, it generally all comes down to common sense. It’s always beneficial to remind ourselves of the basics though.

Keep the environment secure

Prior to the arrival of your skip, you must double check that the environment where you will set it is stable and clear. You need to make sure that it’s not overly soft either. The skip shall only increase in weight as you fill it up. Unstable ground therefore raises the possibility of hazards. One wonderful suggestion if your skip is going on a soft surface is to place wooden planks down. They will provide support.

Clear access

You must also ensure that the delivery truck can actually reach your premises. This typically consists of you moving bulky objects that might get in the way, like parked cars for instance. Once the truck arrives, keep all pets and young children inside, or far away from the delivery point. Keep in mind trucks usually need to back up to deliver the skip. People close to the truck’s rear are difficult to see and therefore are at risk.

At L&C Skip Hire, our skips are useful for disposing of litter from commercial, garden, and home clearances. We can deliver each unit to your location and pick them up again once you’re done.

If you would like to book the best skip hire Middlesbrough has, please get in touch today. We offer great prices and flexible solutions.