Am I handling my skip properly?

We are a business that serves clients from differing sectors in the ejection of waste from different sites. In particular, we are one of the top performing establishments working in skip hire Middlesbrough has. This means we can provide you with skips that are able to suit the majority of your requirements. Extremely sturdy and ideal for weighty volumes of refuse, ours are the modules you can rely on.

Being a professional hiring company, we not only present customers with the leading products; we also want to make certain that they’re using them safely. We’re aware that not everyone is experienced with skips and how to handle them, but with the advice we’ve prepared here that will all soon change.

Before the skip is delivered, see to it that the location where it is to be positioned does not contain any hindrances. Ideally, you’ll want it on a flat and stable surface that has can be accessed with ease by the driver. Don’t be tempted to put your skip on any marshy or soggy surfaces either, or it may end up sinking.

On the actual delivery day, ensure that all children and pets are kept inside once the skip arrives. Provide the delivery driver with clear instructions so that no mistakes are made and that the placement is spot on. If the skip lorry needs to reverse so that the skip can reach its destination, keep everyone clear of the area.

Once the delivery has concluded, don’t attempt to move the skip yourself. Not only can you damage it, but you may also prevent the delivery people from being able to remove it on collection day.

At L&C Skip Hire, when your own skips are delivered and collected, you can rest easy knowing that trained experts are managing the situation. In terms of positioning and delivery times, you’ll find that we can be quite flexible, making arrangements for those with the busiest timetables.

The excellent level of service we offer has helped us become the best team for skip hire Middlesbrough has. If there are specifications you would like to discuss with our team, please get in touch with us.