Can I put my old furniture in a skip?

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The topic of whether you can put furniture in a skip or not is an important one. Not everyone is aware of the rules surrounding this particular form of waste. Fortunately, we have all the answers you are looking for.

Considerations with putting furniture in skips

Skip hire HartlepoolTo start with, you can in fact put your old furniture in a skip. This applies to both businesses and households. So, skips are a wonderful option if you are doing refurbishments or clear outs. Services like ours are a fantastic way of getting rid of large objects you don’t want anymore. That being said, there are a few details you must keep in mind here.

One thing you need to consider is the condition of the items. If you have something that is in good shape, someone else can use it. Thus, you will want to think about making a donation instead. Many charities, like the British Heart Foundation, will happily accept furnishings that are in decent condition. By making a donation, you can give them new purpose and help someone else.

Another consideration you have to make here is the council regulations. Before you place anything inside your skip, check with your local authority. There may be some guidelines or restrictions that you must follow. Some councils could have particular rules on what you can’t and can put in a skip. It is preferable to check before you do anything.

Correct positioning

If you make the choice to put your old furniture in a skip, ensure that you position everything correctly. Bigger pieces should go at the bottom. This will distribute the weight evenly. Examples include wardrobes and sofas. As for smaller objects, you can put them on top of the larger goods. These include the likes of tables and chairs. Get in touch with us if you need the finest services for skip hire Hartlepool has.

Skip sizes

Something else you must consider with furniture disposal is the skip size you’ll need. Our service provides these containers in an array of sizes. This includes mini skips as well as builders and bigger roll-on roll-off models. The size you will need depends on the quantity of furniture you must get rid of. If you are unsure of sizes, you’re always welcome to ask us for advice.

Tip or recycling centre visits

One other option you have for getting rid of furniture is taking it to the tip or local recycling centre. Various centres will accept it. However, you will need to check with your council first for any restrictions. Some could also charge fees for furnishings.

To conclude, if you own old furniture you need to dispose of, you have options available to use. You can put it in a skip, take it to the tip or a recycling centre, or make donations to charity. Whatever route you decide to go down, ensure you take care of things responsibly and legally.

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