Clean up after a big event with a skip

L&C Skip Hire deliver skips using a professional driver and will pick them up at your convenience. Our range of services are here to help you get rid of any waste, regardless of how much there is. Our flexibility and commitment to value have helped make us the best team for skip hire Middlesbrough has.

Cleaning up after events

Many people think that skips are just for builders, big home projects and industrial needs. One use of skips that you should consider though is clearing up after a big event. We can help, whether it is following a school event, a wedding or you’ve held a large party at your home.

Mini skips can fit on a driveway and have the capacity to deal with a decent amount of waste. The size also means they can generally be positioned on a garden or drive, taking out the need for a road permit. Larger sizes are available to suit bigger events. Our selection ranges from 2 yard skips all the way up to 40 yards.

It can be a hassle to tidy up after you’ve had a party. You also have to decide how you will effectively dispose of the rubbish. There may be too much for your wheelie bin. Filling up your car may be an issue, especially if you are worried about the mess or physically getting to a local facility to dispose of everything. A skip may be the most efficient option.

Health and safety

We keep health & safety an important part of our work. This is why our skips have a fill level. The last thing we want is the skip’s contents to fall out; this would pose a risk to anyone passing by, especially during transit. If you are filling the skip yourself make sure you don’t exceed the fill level.

As well as disposing of general waste after hosting an event, we recycle. We take every opportunity we can to sort the materials placed in our skips so they can be put to new use. This also helps to reduce landfill.

At L&C Skips, we accept a range of payments including PayPal and Visa. We tailor our services to your needs and requirements. We enjoy giving the best customer service possible too, answering any queries as fast as possible. Our customers have peace of mind knowing they chose the number one choice skip hire Middlesbrough has to offer.

If you would like any information or are planning a big event, please contact us.