Clear up your garden in no time

Skips can be great for removing garden waste from a domestic property. This includes soil, turf, felled trees and hardcore. Skip hire in Middlesbrough is a great option if you are investing in the landscaping. This is because it will allow you to clear the site very quickly and get started with the redevelopment. You can get rid of a much higher volume of waste in the skip than you can with local collection services. It will also save you from loading and hauling the rubbish yourself.

Smaller 2 and 4 yard skips are usually ideal for garden waste and have impressive capacities for their size. If your project is even larger, you can opt for an 8 yard skip or a smaller commercial sized one. When you hire a skip you’ll have to estimate the volume of waste you have to get rid of. When you do this you should remember to be very conservative. It is more cost effective to choose a skip that is slightly too large than having to hire multiple skips.

Be careful with skip hire in Middlesbrough

Skip hire MiddlesbroughOne thing to keep in mind when filling a skip is the maximum weight, especially when dealing with green waste. This will differ depending on the size but you’ll need to take care to observe it. Otherwise, the company may be unable to remove it once it is full. It is easy to underestimate the weight of soil, turf and hardcore so again it is better to be conservative.

Alongside the weight, you should ensure you load the skip carefully. If you are dealing with felled trees and branches you’ll have to ensure they are cut to size so they can fit properly. The skip provider may be unable to remove the waste if you fill the skip and leave contents sticking out of the sides.

The people you can count on

At L&C, we specialise in affordable skip hire in Middlesbrough and throughout Teesside. We have a long history of providing skips for domestic gardening projects. We can satisfy every requirement and will offer advice about both the size of the skip and the type of waste you can put in it. You can always expect a great service from us and a competitive price.