Communities and businesses suffer from poor disposal practices

There’s no substitute for skips when you have to get rid of large quantities of refuse. We happen to supply the greatest services for skip hire Redcar has. From the moment you reach out to us, we will do everything in our power to support you. We’ll set you up with the right module and collect it when you finish the clearance.

As professionals, we commit to meeting our environmental responsibilities. One of the cornerstones of our company is efficient waste management. Poor practices can have many negative effects on communities and businesses. We’re going to reveal what some of the dangers are here.


There are several fire risks here. A huge volume of the litter we dispose of is flammable. This includes wood, flyers, newspapers, wrappers, and packaging. The main cause of some of the biggest fires is car tyres. For this reason, officials regulate the storage rules surrounding them fiercely. Not to mention, they release chemicals into the atmosphere when they burn. This makes tyres doubly dangerous and also means you can’t put them in a skip.

Smells and pollution

Visual pollution and horrible smells are also an issue here. No one likes looking at a massive amount of waste that is just piling up. They don’t like having to smell what’s there either. In addition it gets worse on those warm summer days. Poor hygiene never does any favours for the community. No one is going to want to move to an unsanitary location. It’s the same for businesses too. No one will want to willingly come and work for them.

At L&C Skip Hire, we serve countless commercial and residential clients. Our services are flexible, making us the very top provider of skip hire Redcar has available. We always tell people to start disposing of their waste early rather than letting it pile up. This way, they can keep their property and community in a sanitary state. It is also easier to manage waste like this and is better for the environment.

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