Discussing the waste festivals produce

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For many people, music festivals are the highlight of the year. There are events all around the world, giving people a chance to see their favourite artists. The amount of music events here in the UK increased by 34% in a mere four years.

Dealing with the waste

If you have ever been to a festival yourself, you might be wondering – how many skips does festival trash fill? Some events are so large that they practically turn into massive temporary towns. With this in mind, they are bound to fill a fair number of skips. As such, it is essential to talk about things like the litter produced and if those in charge are taking greener approaches.

These days, festivals are actually rather keen to limit the waste they create. The organisers are aware that people shall criticise them if they fail to do this. According to research, half of the people who attend the events would be more than happy to pay more to visit a greener festival. Moreover, most people say that things like rubbish will negatively affect the experience.

Onsite recycling

There are those festivals that recycle all of the litter they create onsite. Examples include Larmer Tree Festival and Acoustic Festival. This means the rubbish they cannot recycle in the traditional sense becomes energy. Nothing is left for landfill.

If you ever organise a massive event yourself, then a skip would be the ideal way to dispose of waste.

At L&C Skip Hire, we can supply you with skips of a suitable size for any need. You can put various items inside and place them in a plethora of different locations. When they are full, we take them away and process the waste so as much as possible stays away from landfill.

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