Dispose of your fence panels by using a skip

Our local firm is one that tries its hardest to satisfy its customers, no matter how complex their requirements are. To this end, we provide an assemblage of skips that come in different sizes. The populace thinks of us as the leading force in skip hire Stockton has. Therefore, if it’s a first class service you’re after, you should work alongside our team.

You might be refining your garden’s arrangement or you could simply be thinking that the time has come for a change. Whatever the case, you’ll need a practical way of disposing of your fence panels. Cumbersome and large, they can prove tricky dangerous to get rid of. Happily, there are easy and secure ways of getting this job done.

Put them in a skip

The preferred option for most would be to take advantage of our services. With them, you’ll be able to dispose of every fence panel without experiencing too much fuss. Additionally, thanks to our commitment towards recycling, you can rest well knowing that we’re handling your waste correctly. One other reason to contemplate skip hire is that you can take care of any additional refuse at the same time. Most of what you have left over from previous clear outs or refurbishments can go inside.

Similar to how there is a right way to discard fence panels, there are also wrong ways. There are many strategies that individuals attempt to use, most of which aren’t tolerable. For instance, people try to break up the panels and put them into the wheelie bin. However, treated wood isn’t permitted. Others merely try to burn it, but the issue here is that the varnish or paint can be hazardous when burned.

At L&C Skip Hire, our skips have proven themselves to be convenient and functional on countless occasions. Not to mention, these modules come with price tags that are appropriate for various kinds of budgets.

If you would like to arrange the most reliable skip hire Stockton has to offer, please get in touch with us. We will learn your schedule and arrange delivery to suit it.