Disposing of medical waste

It can be a challenge to dispose of all your waste. You’ll be struggling for a long time if there’s a lot to work through. Fortunately, we have a solution. We are the foremost company specialising in skip hire Stockton has. Therefore, if there’s anyone who can get you out of a tight spot, it’s us.

You can use skip hire to deal with all kinds of litter. Unfortunately, medical waste demands an alternative approach. This is because of how hazardous it is. The trouble here is that the solution isn’t immediately obvious. We want people to have a better understanding of this kind of rubbish so they don’t try to throw it in our skips. To this end, we’re going to discuss it here.

Don’t keep it all together

The most important thing you can do is separate medical waste from everything else. The last thing you want is for it to contaminate all of the other materials it comes into contact with. Therefore you should put it in a marked bag. Afterwards, you need to place said bag in a secure location. In other words, don’t let anyone else get to it. From there, just wait until a specialised service can collect it. Avoid mixing medical waste with the general variety at all costs.

Be wary of sharps

For sharp goods like needles, you must use a sharps bin. You can find them at local medical establishments. Examples include the hospital and your GP’s office. These are special repositories to ensure protection against used needles. Be aware that you can only fill them up to a certain point. If you’re using one and have children, make sure they don’t go near the bin.

At L&C Skip Hire, we know what we’re doing, especially when it comes to what can’t go in skips. There are all sorts of items out there that require specialist attention. It’s understandable that customers may not know what is and isn’t suitable for the skip. If you are unsure yourself, please let us know. We will tell you if there’s anything you have that shouldn’t go inside.

As the top team for skip hire Stockton has, you can rely on us to offer professional services. Get in touch today to book and look forward to a safe, reliable waste solution.