Do more with your wooden pallets

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If you’re a person with a creative eye, then you’ll probably enjoy finding new uses for old items. Our team is always encouraging individuals to find ways of reusing or recycling regular waste goods. Today, we’re going to talk about something that ends up in our skips rather often; wooden pallets. It is quite a shame to see them because they have great potential for reuse.

Decking or seating

During the summer, it’s always nice to have a decent sitting area in the garden. It allows you to enjoy the sunny weather it its entirety. There’s no need to pay hundreds of pounds to purchase new decking when it’s easy enough to fashion one yourself. All you have to do is recycle a few wooden pallets. If there’s not much room, fabricate some durable and decorative patio furniture from the timber instead.

Garden borders

You can use old pallets for lots of things in the garden, including creating new raised flowerbeds. This would be ideal for brightening up the area with flowers. Even if you’re not too green-fingered, you can decorate your space by recycling the pallets alone. They can make excellent fencing.

Decorative shelving

You can recycle wooden pallets for more than just your garden as well. There are also plenty of potential uses inside your home. For instance, you can turn the pallets into interior shelving. This is excellent for shoe racks or if you require additional general storage space. If you sand the wood down, you won’t have to worry about sharp edges either.

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