Do you need a skip for fence repairs?

With the arrival of the New Year, most people will be looking at the things they need to do around the house. A skip may be necessary, especially if you have a lot to clear out. L&C is the perfect place to find one. We offer the best skip hire Hartlepool can ask for, combining great prices and reliable delivery.

A tough winter

One project you may be looking at in the near future is fence repairs. This winter has been a tough one for the UK. At the end of November, Storm Arwen brought rain and very high winds. It was the most powerful and damaging winter storm of the last decade. The North East was hit particularly hard, causing damage to tens of thousands of homes. Many properties had no power for several days afterwards.

Across the North East you could see signs of storm damage. This included fallen fences, toppled walls, and roofs missing tiles. There was a rush through December to repair the worst damage, particularly roofing. However, many chose to leave fences and garden walls down. Repairing them in winter can be tricky, especially if the ground is still wet. The cold temperatures also make it more challenging to work outside. But, a lot of people will now be looking ahead to fix the damage.

Choosing a skip

Skip hire HartlepoolOne of the toughest parts of repairing and replacing fences is getting rid of the old pieces. You can’t put the timber in a wheelie bin. It may be possible to take it to a local waste facility, but that can take time and make a mess of your vehicle. It can also be tricky to book a time slot.

Skips are a great choice here. You can throw all kinds of old wood in them, including fence panels and posts. You can even dispose of concrete and soil if you need to dig out any old material.

It would be a good idea to order a skip early in your project. You can then use it to safely dispose of all old fencing materials before you receive the new ones. Some people will keep the skip for a little longer here too so they can throw offcuts and waste from the new fence straight in.

Arranging skip hire in Hartlepool

The coming weeks are some of the busiest for skip providers like us. It will be especially so this year with so much to clean up after the winter storms. But, we have the capacity to help people across the North East. This includes a wide range of skips in different sizes. We can deliver them quickly so you can get on with your projects.

So, when you need skip hire, Hartlepool has nobody better than us. We can dispatch modules from our base in Middlesbrough, ensuring you get them quickly. You can order today via our website or contact us if you need any tips or advice.