Do you need help with removing your old kitchen?

It can be hard trying to find a local service to help you with waste disposal. We work to change that every day. Many think of us as the best business for skip hire Middlesbrough has. This is because we constantly come through for our customers. Our team offers first-rate assistance as well as some of the most affordable prices around.

Once all the planning, discussions, and financial issues are out of the way, you’ll be ready to install your new kitchen. Of course, you need to take the old one out first. An essential part of this is hiring a skip. As such, it makes perfect sense to begin there. A skip between 4 to 8 yards in capacity should be sufficient. After you’ve got your means of disposal, it’s time to start the real work.

Keep it upright

When shifting something that holds water, be sure to keep it upright. This will lower the chance of spillage. The sink and appliances will connect to your utilities via two or three hoses. You can discern them by looking at their colours. There’s outgoing waste (grey), cold (blue), and hot (red). Remember, these items are rather heavy. Therefore, you should seek the aid of someone who can help you take the weight.


The next thing we want to discuss is moving worktops. The majority of them include easily noticeable fittings on the underside. It’s a simple matter of undoing the fittings to let the surfaces come free. The joints you locate could possess a mitred or bolted point. Ensure that you undo them too. Naturally, the worktop will weigh quite a lot. Again you should ask for assistance when moving it. This is a two-man job at minimum.

At L&C Skip Hire, we supply an impressive collection of skips. You can use us to meet a large selection of needs. Our services are appropriate for extensive industrial work, commercial, and domestic projects. Not surprisingly we are the top team for skip hire Middlesbrough has as a result.

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