Doing our part for the Earth

Skips are the perfect solution for disposing of various types of waste. Their large size allows a massive amount of rubbish to be stored and their design makes them perfect for commercial, domestic and industrial jobs. Our skip hire service offers several sizes to choose from, starting with our two-yard domestic mini skips and ranging to the huge forty yard roll-on roll-off varieties.

While we do offer a plethora of services across Teesside from our base in Middlesbrough, one of the key aspects of our work is that it is environmentally friendly. The Earth’s resources aren’t limitless and it is our duty to conserve as much of them as possible. The most well known strategy to help this happen would be recycling. This can take on a number of different forms depending on what material is being recycled.

Glass is one of the easiest materials to recycle. It can be melted down and remoulded to make new items such as bottles and the energy required for this is less than it takes to form glass from its raw materials.

Metal, similar to glass, requires less energy to melt and remould as opposed to extracting new metals from their ores. Aluminium is a particular favourite for recycling due to the fact that it melts at relatively low temperatures.

Paper is another recyclable material and is broken up into little pieces in order to reform it into new sheets. This is an excellent alternative to making paper from trees and the material can even be used to form items such as cardboard boxes.

Plastic can be recycled too and offers big benefits in terms of crude oil consumption. Oil is the raw material required to make the substance but with by recycling less needs to be used. Recycling the plastic also stops so much of it from ending up in landfill where it becomes a hazard to the environment.

At L & C Skip Hire we have a number of services available including rubbish clearance and collection for a number of different properties. We utilise a huge range of skips and make sure that we take the most environmentally friendly approach when working. If you wish to find out more about our company, feel free to contact us.