Don’t get into trouble over weight limitations

L&C is a business that aims to provide customers with the best waste disposal assistance. This comes in the form of skip hire Stockton residents and people across the region can rely on. We can supply you with an impressive range of skips to suit your needs. Best of all, we serve domestic as well as commercial clients.

This could be your first time hiring a skip. If it is, you want to be sure you are not ignoring the weight restrictions. They are there to ensure safety and allow us to remove the skip. If you exceed them it can cause several problems.

Keep weight in mind

When someone hires a skip, they receive a weight restriction. It is essential to find this information out before finalising your rental. This is going to decide how much waste you can place inside the skip. If you exceed the set limitations, you could find you have to remove some and hire a second module.

If you are dealing with garden waste, it should not be overly heavy. However, when using skips at construction sites, there is a decent chance you will have heavy materials like bricks and concrete. This means it is easier to exceed the limit. Double check the restrictions in these situations.

Filling the skips

Smaller skips like mini and midi designs are easy enough to fill with light goods. Examples include packaging and wood. If you only have a small amount of heavy items you should not exceed the weight limit here.

Skip Hire StocktonLarger 8, 10, and 12 yard builders’ skips are better for lots of waste. However, you need to be careful. If you fill them to the top with heavy rubble they will likely be too heavy to take away.

Generally, the best option for heavy items is a 6 yard skip.

With L&C Skip Hire, clients are always working with a company they can depend on. From prices to drop off and pick up times, you don’t have to worry about anything with us.

If you wish to get in contact with the foremost business providing skip hire Stockton has, you can either call or email us. We can deliver at short notice so you don’t need to disrupt your project.