Everything you must know about putting bin bags in skips

When it comes to skip hire, Redcar residents are always confident they can come to us. Our job is to supply skips that will be perfect for any needs. To do so, we have a selection of sizes available. Each one is useful for a different array of jobs. As a result, no matter what your project involves, we can provide a waste solution.

Your waste disposal requirements may be so great that they demand a skip. If this is the case, you are probably wondering if you can place bin bags inside them. The answer here is yes. But, there are multiple important factors you have to consider prior to doing it. What we are going to do is go over the ins and outs of placing these bags in the skips. This includes what you can’t and can get rid of, as well as the rules and regulations of skip hire.

What kinds of rubbish can go in skips?

Skip hire RedcarBefore we’re able to properly talk about putting bin bags in skips, it is vital to know what types of waste can’t go in them. Services like ours typically accept most kinds of household litter. Examples of this include garden and general waste, and specific construction materials.

However, there are certain objects you can’t place inside a skip. These include fridge freezers, gas cylinders, and hazardous materials. Such items need disposing of separately. You must dispose of them via your council’s hazardous waste disposal program or take them to a proper facility.

As we said above, you can put bin bags into skips. However, you must ensure they only contain materials that can safely go in the skip. You can’t hide any hazardous items in bags and throw them in. If you are unsure if an item is hazardous, you can consult with our team. We will tell you everything you need to know and then offer the finest services for skip hire Redcar has.

If you are using bags, we also urge you to make sure they are properly tied. It will reduce the risk of them coming open, ensuring there is a smaller risk of accidents and injuries.


When you actually need to hire a skip, one of your most important choices will be its size. The sizes of skips range from small ones capable of holding roughly 2-3 cubic yards of waste to bigger ones. These are models like the 12 yard, which can hold as many as 12 cubic yards of litter.

It is critical that you pick the right size to prevent underusing or overcrowding your skip. Both situations can lead to avoidable complications that you don’t want, including wasting money.

Rules and regulations relating to skip hire exist too. It is necessary for you to be aware of them before hiring any containers. If you are putting the unit on public property, there is a chance you’ll need a permit. Also, there are places where there will be restrictions for placement.

We take care of your needs and the environment with skip hire in Redcar

At L&C Skip Hire, we’re a flexible establishment that can handle all kinds of needs. Furthermore, we are an environmentally friendly one that aims to dispose of all waste using the correct methods. We stick to the environmental standards too. So, ours is a professional service from beginning to end.

If you need the greatest services for skip hire Redcar has available, please let us know. We can cater for any kind of domestic needs, from large renovations to clearances.