Get those garden jobs done in autumn

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By now, you should have had your final BBQ in the garden. However, this does not mean you should ignore the space until the spring season. With some TLC, you will be able toSkip hire Redcar keep everything tidy. This way, you will have plenty of enjoyment away from it during winter. If there is a white-out winter, this shall mean building snowmen and participating in snowball fights. The following are autumn garden jobs that will help you ready your space for the coming seasons.

Have a clear out

Begin by clearing the dead growth and fallen leaves from the end of summer. Even gardens of a medium size have a high chance of filling your waste bins multiple times over. There are even some councils that cease collecting this type of litter during certain periods. There might be twigs thicker than 3cm for you to deal with. It is even possible for rubble or soil to be lying about. Not to mention, there could be tree stumps and bulky objects. If your garden is currently home to any of this, you should seek out the top services for skip hire Redcar has. A skip will let you take care of everything in one fell swoop.

Clean the garden up

While you are at it, clean the garden up as well. Washing your patios and paths may appear strange going into the worst of the year’s weather. However, it is worth it. Cleansing the harder exteriors now disposes of the organic matter. This is what makes them particularly slippery when they are wet. It makes it easier for you to clean them too.

Do some cut backs

Autumn is also the perfect time to cut back the green. Take care of those overgrown hedges and bushes here and now. If you encounter any rotten limbs, have a tree surgeon come and take care of them. Again, a skip is going to prove useful here for all the refuse. Chances are that you won’t be able to put any of this in a standard bin anyway.


autumn gardenMake sure you use the autumn to carry out those essential DIY garden repair tasks as well. Check to see whether the benches are rotten and if your shed is sturdy. Secure your greenhouse glass in place if you yet to do so. Also take the time to look at your fences to ensure they are strong and stable.

It is an easier job to replace and repair everything in autumn than waiting for the winter weather to harm it. Moreover, you have a better chance of catching a dry day to do any painting.

Choose the best skip hire in Redcar

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