Get yourself ready for a renovation with a skip

It’s nice knowing that there is someone you can depend on to get rid of waste if there is too much to deal with. This includes when you clear out or renovate your home. The load is often so huge that regular disposal methods won’t work. Fortunately, we are the number one company specialising in skip hire Redcar has. Large volumes of rubbish are no challenge for us.

Everyone loves to plan home enhancements and some people are more eager to start than others. Those wanting to dive straight in should avoid doing so. There are several steps you need to take beforehand to ensure that your project goes smoothly. The following are those all-important things you cannot ignore.

Get a skip

Start by hiring one of our skips. This will ensure you have a place to put rubbish and a solution for getting rid of it. Never underestimate the amount of waste a DIY project can generate. Domestic skip sizes typically begin at 2 or 4 cubic yards. This means you can find a module large enough for your litter and small enough for your kerb or driveway.

Get equipment ready

After hiring your skip, make certain that you have all your equipment ready. Examine your tools and check to see if they’re working properly. Organise your materials efficiently as well so you can grab what you need easily.


It is always a good idea to clear out a route to the skip. This way, you can throw waste away as you go. An orderly workspace does more than making clearing up easier. It also makes the work site safer as there won’t be as many articles lying around.

At L&C Skip Hire, we have skips suitable for all kinds of projects. The range we offer makes us one of the best providers of skip hire Redcar has. Each module is available for delivery to your property. Then, once you finish with them, you can ask us to pick up the modules at a time appropriate for you.

If you require one of our skips, please let us know.