Handling the disposal of a wooden fence

Our team is one that strives to deliver the most impressive services for skip hire Middlesbrough has. However, that is not the only goal we have here. We also want everything to be reliable and affordable. Whether you belong to the industrial, domestic, or commercial sector doesn’t matter; everyone receives the same first-rate treatment from us.

Fences aren’t things you have to get rid of that frequently. Since this is the case, people often have a tough time deciding how to go about it. When you get right down to it, fences are big and cumbersome. Usually, they are painted and treated wood. Timber like this isn’t as easily recyclable as plain materials are.

Taking a fence down

Prior to removal, there is an important thing you need to do; you must get permission. In most instances, fences separate two houses to give each side a little privacy. Sometimes, one party buys them and in other cases, they are joint purchases. The fence might have even been installed long before someone arrived at the property. In any event, you have to find out who the fence’s rightful owner is. Even if you bought and installed it yourself, it is still vital to discuss things with your neighbours.

A skip is the easiest choice

Once that is out of the way, you can begin disposing of the fence. The simplest approach would be to hire one of our skips. A skip is especially useful if you have to dispose of several panels at once. They can hold a lot of waste and keep it organised. This is important because laying fence panels on grass can crush and kill it. If you lay treated panels on concrete or stone it could stain the surface.

Skip Hire MiddlesbroughSoon after booking the skip, we will drop it off at your property at a time that suits you. You can throw other household and garden waste in the skip too if there is any lying around. This makes skips an even better option if you are clearing up or refurbishing.

L&C Skip Hire are able to supply clients with a considerable variety of skips. These are appropriate for a number of different tasks. There are lots of sizes so no job is too large for us.

If you are currently in need of the finest skip hire Middlesbrough has available, get in touch with us today. We look forward to hearing from you.