Have you planned ahead for your building waste?

Extending a property is a big project. But, it can provide many fantastic benefits, from increasing the amount of floor space to boosting the value of the building. During the planning stage there are many things to consider. Included in this is the design, the timescale, organising different stages of the project and your budget. Another thing to think about is what you will do with the building waste you produce. An option you should definitely consider is skip hire in Middlesbrough.

How to dispose of it all

Skip hire MiddlesbroughThe best option is to hire a skip, load it up as you go and then have it removed once it is full or you are finished with it. This is the easiest solution and means you don’t need to worry about transporting the rubbish yourself. You can put all kinds of building waste into skips including soil, bricks, timbers and metals too. This means you can get rid of a large volume of your building waste very easily and conveniently.

It is important to note that there are several materials you can’t put in a skip. Plasterboard needs to be separated so it is not suitable to go into a mixed load skip. Materials that contain asbestos are also not suitable for placing in skips. These need to be separated, securely bagged and disposed of safely. In general, potentially hazardous materials can’t go into skips, including solvents and paint cans.

Skips come in several sizes, from the smallest mini ones to large industrial sized containers. When you plan a building project you should consider what volume of waste you will have to get rid of. This will help you to decide what size of skip you will need. Remember it is always best to overestimate and choose a slightly larger one than you need rather than getting it wrong and needing to hire a second one.

Options for skip hire in Middlesbrough

The best skip for building projects is an eight yard one. This gives you 6.69 metres cubed of volume to work with; plenty of space for soil, and rubble. The skips are 3.2 metres long and 1.75 metres wide. So, you will need to account for this and ensure you have a suitable amount of space to position it. If you have a larger project in mind you can opt for a ten or twelve yard skip. They offer 8.36 and 10 metres cubed of volume respectively.

At L & C Skip Hire we can provide a fantastic service for clients in need of skip hire in Middlesbrough and local areas. We have a range of skips available meaning we can cater for small and large domestic building projects and larger commercial ones too. You can order a skip directly via our website for a convenient service or call us directly to discuss your needs.