Home DIY projects during lockdown

On March 23rd the UK went into lockdown in a bid to tackle the spread of coronavirus. Since then millions of people have been spending more time safely at home. Lots of them have been using this time to do something new, whether it is learning new skills or getting on with DIY projects. The latter is something we can help with. While we can’t come into your home to help with the work, we can offer the best skip hire in Stockton so you can dispose of the waste safely. We can deliver and collect skips with zero contact too.

Which projects do you need a skip for?

Skip hireThe great thing about our skips is we offer a range of sizes to suit any kind of job. For example we have small domestic models that fit perfectly on a drive. They are great for small garden clearances or clearing out a loft or bedroom. So, if you are using your time to cut the grass, trim hedges or trees, or just clear up, a 2 yard skip could be fine.

If you are planning a bigger project such as a kitchen or bathroom renovation or a garage clearance, you’ll need a bigger skip. Here you will probably need a medium sized domestic model, either a 4 or 6 yard. The amount of waste you produce will depend on the size of the job you are doing. For example if you are stripping tiles or replacing fixtures and fittings, you’ll need more space.

The time at home may have shown you that you have several rooms to clear out. If you do this, or are clearing the entire property, you may need an even bigger skip. The 8 yard may be the right option here, especially if your rooms are full of things you need to throw away.

While you can’t get people to come in to convert your loft during lockdown, you may want to clear it and do some of the prep work. For a full loft conversion though you will probably need a 10 yard skip. This should give you enough space for all the waste you will produce.

Estimating the waste

It can be tricky to estimate how much rubbish you will produce during your project. However, you should still try so you have the best chance of getting the right skip. Think about how many black bags you will fill during the project. If you have large items to get rid of like old furniture or kitchen cabinets, think about whether you can break them down to save space. If not you will need a bigger skip.

Reliable skip hire in Stockton

At L&C we can provide solutions for all kinds of projects. Our team works hard to give every client the best possible service. We can also make special arrangements to satisfy any needs.

Contact us today if you want to arrange the best skip hire Stockton can offer. Or, book a skip online via our website if you know what size you need.