How can I tell industrial and commercial waste apart?

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We dispose of multiple waste types

Skip hire StocktonThere is more than one type of waste in our line of work. It can make it confusing for our clients. Industrial and commercial are two of the streams you can encounter. In this post, we want to focus on the differences between them. The info will hopefully clear any confusion you have.

Firstly, there is commercial refuse. It refers to the waste from organisations and businesses that supply services or goods to people. Examples of it include cardboard and paper from offices. There is also retail packaging from shops and food from restaurants. According to WRAP, the Waste and Resource Action Plan, this whole stream makes up 27 million tonnes of the UK’s total every year.

Up next we have industrial waste. This is the kind of litter that comes from the construction, production, and manufacturing industries. Some examples are oil and gas waste from drilling projects. There are chemical wastes from factories as well. Construction and building site refuse also counts here. According to the official Gov stats, millions of tonnes of this rubbish are produced in the UK each year.

The differences

One major distinction between the two streams of waste is the kinds of materials you can find. Commercial refuse is typically more food, cardboard, and paper. However, industrial is more likely to contain hazardous substances like oils, chemicals, and heavy metals.

If you are a business generating rubbish from either commercial or industrial operations, you are able to do some recycling. It is vital to introduce a plan for any materials that can have new uses. This guarantees that you are acting sustainably and minimising pollution. Speak to us if you need the most environmentally friendly services for skip hire Stockton has.

Getting rid of commercial rubbish is normally a simple procedure. Many of the items you can find here are recyclable, such as paper and card. You can process them easily using recycling services. However, disposing of industrial waste is trickier. This is thanks to the likely presence of hazardous substances. Because of them, specialist disposal and handling methods are often necessary.

If you are a company that is generating bulk loads of waste, we can help. We place a great emphasis on practices that are good for the environment. By increasing your recycling rates, you will be able to make your establishment a lot greener. Our team has experience with general waste, wood, metal, cardboard, plastic, and more. We can save large amounts of these wastes to reuse the resources.

We keep the environment safe with skip hire in Stockton

At L&C Skip Hire, we are proud of our ability to protect the environment. All the waste we encounter gets disposed of in the right ways. We recycle when possible, even when it means carefully sorting and processing materials. Not to mention, we always follow the current environmental standards to protect our area.

So, if you would like to start using the top services for skip hire Stockton has, give us a call today. Or, book online via our website if you prefer.