How do we take care of wooden waste?

With both high quality results and friendly approaches to our customers across Middlesbrough, L and C Skip Hire has earned quite the reputation for excellence. Whether you have a large or small volume of waste to dispose of, we have just the right sized skips to take on the burden. Additionally we can arrange delivery and collection at times to suit you.

According to a report published in 2011, during 2010 timber waste weighing nearly 680 stone was generated in the UK. This didn’t include green waste so you can imagine the total number was much higher. The materials came from numerous sources, with construction industries being amongst them. Projects like refurbishments, new builds and demolitions accounted for this.

The majority of wood produced on construction sites generally finds its way into a skip, right next to the other refuse. With care this means that the materials can be recycled rather than sent to landfill. Other projects that generate waste timber should follow the example and opt for this form of disposal.

The skips that are typically used in the disposal efforts tend to range in size from 6 cubic yards to 40 cubic yard models. The most common size however, is that of the 8 cubic yard skip. It has a good capacity and suits most medium to large projects.

Perhaps the most challenging part of managing the wooden materials from construction work is that they’re highly variable. Wood generated from construction work comprises of a myriad of unique types, including the likes of broken pallets, preservative-treated off cuts, solid wood cut-offs, MDF, laminated chipboard, and plywood. This increases the challenge associated with recycling the waste, as these substances must be sorted and recycled in specific ways.

There’s no need to worry though. Since we are seasoned veterans when it comes to waste disposal, we know exactly how to properly recycle each type of waste. We sort everything on our site and work very hard to maximise the percentage that we recycle.

At L and C Skip Hire, we take recycling very seriously and do our best not to contribute to landfill. By following the environmental standards that have been set, we deliver a first rate service and do our part to protect the environment.

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