How has the lockdown affected waste disposal?

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Skips ThornabyLots of things have been changing in the UK since the first lockdown in March. The changes have had an effect on almost everything, including waste disposal. For example, with many pubs and restaurants spending several months closed, the volume of waste to get rid of fell. At the same time, with more people spending time at home, households had to dispose of more waste.

The changes to waste disposal have had some positive and negative impacts on the environment. We want to take a look at these below.

The positive side

To begin with, we shall examine the materials that were not being taken to the local recycling facilities as frequently. A big waste stream from pubs and restaurants is glass. It can be anything from broken glasses to empty bottles or jars. With the closures and fewer people going to them now, they won’t be generating as much glass refuse for recycling. The reduction in glass waste is certainly beneficial.

There is also food waste to consider. It costs the pub industry around £357 million each year. Moreover, it annually produces a huge 873,000 tonnes of waste. As a result, any depletion during this time would be positive.

The negative side

Despite these positive changes, there are still some negative issues to speak of. Pub closures meant less waste was generated. Unfortunately, massive amounts of drink and food waste items were unusable stock. According to the BBC, pubs in Wales had around 2.8 million pints of beer waste during lockdown.

In addition to the refuse increasing waste figures, it also poses a risk to the environment. Since so much beer gets thrown away, it will end up in the sewers. This puts more pressure on them and could even mean more gets into waterways.

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