How to make skip hire as smooth as possible

With L&C you can book a skip with absolutely no hassle. You have the option to contact us directly or can do everything via our website. But, if you want to make the whole process as smooth as possible, there are a number of things to look at. We want to go over the important ones here to help you get the most from your service when you choose us to give you the best skip hire Hartlepool can offer.

Access is crucial

One of the biggest issues that disrupt skip delivery and collection is limitations to access. There could be a number of these, including narrow streets, parked vehicles, gates, and even height restriction bars. Any one or combination of them can mean a delay that could cost you precious time on your project.

The thing to keep in mind here is skip delivery vehicles can be very large. Skip lorries are typically over 3 metres wide, 3.5 metres tall or more, and 7 metres long. Grabber and tipper lorries can be similar widths and heights but even longer.

You should keep the size of the vehicles in mind and also let us know if there are access issues. The more you tell us, the better we will be able to plan an effective service. In some cases we may need to completely re-plan the route to address limitations.

How big is the road and how busy is it?

Skip hire HartlepoolTwo things in particular we need to know is road size and traffic conditions. Is it a narrow road with lots of parked cars? This can make it very difficult to get the delivery vehicle and skip to your property. Do you have a lot of cars going past or are there any especially busy periods? Is there a best time of day when most of the vehicles will be gone? All of this is information we need to plan ahead.

Another thing that can cause trouble when we offer skip hire in Hartlepool is when it is a cul-de-sac or there are no through roads. The size of skip vehicles means it can be very tricky for them to turn around. If you let us know beforehand we can adapt the service if possible.

Ideally what we want to do is ensure you get your skip at the right time with minimal disruption to your neighbours. With that in mind please let us know if there are any risks of us blocking people in. If you share a drive with your neighbour we always advise you speak to them to explain the situation.

Risks and obstructions

Skips and the delivery vehicles are heavy. To maximise safety it is important that routes in and out are stable. Where you place the skip must also have sound footing. If there are weak areas, sewer entry points, manhole covers or anything else, it is best to let us know. We always advise to never block access to utilities.

There can also be accessibility problems due to overhead obstructions. The most dangerous are things like power and telephone cables. Typically they will be high enough so there won’t be an issue for the lorries. However, they can be hanging lower in some areas. It is best to let us know about them early.

Tree branches can also cause issues. England has lots of tree lined streets and housing estates with greenery. There can even be some locations where the trees have legal protection to prevent developments that would damage them. If they hang low it can create trouble for tall vehicles like skip lorries.

Speak to us about skip hire in Hartlepool

L&C works hard to make sure our clients will have the best service. We ask you to give us as much information as possible to help us deliver the skips. Any details like the ones we mention above can be useful and reduce the risk of delays.

You can contact us to arrange a service or book via our website. Plus, you can also speak to us if you have any general queries about how we offer the best skip hire Hartlepool can ask for or what can go in skips. It is our pleasure to help.