Is plasterboard skip-friendly?

The one thing that our company has always strived to do is assist our community in cleaning up their rubbish. Sometimes, they may have more waste than they know what to do with, so we supply them with the perfect disposal apparatus, namely, our skips. Available in various sizes, our skip hire in Middlesbrough is ideal for handling larger volumes of rubbish.
While hiring a skip is more often than not the best way to dispose of your unwanted waste, there are some limitations on the items that can be thrown in them. The rules and regulations that encircle our industry are being altered on a constant basis, so even those who have experience with skips might not be aware of what changes have occurred. Perhaps one of the best examples of change is that now you can no longer place plasterboard in a skip. Instead, it must be disposed of separately.

In 2011 a change in legislation was brought forth that banned this material and other gypsum products from being disposed off with mixed waste. Research that was conducted had concluded that in mixed rubbish environments, detrimental gasses were being discharged during decomposition. The result of this was that plasterboard was not allowed to be placed within a skip alongside other substances.

With so many changes happening in the world of skip hire, it can be difficult for everyone to keep track of what is and isn’t proper practice. As professionals however, we will be there to offer guidance. If plasterboard or some other non-skip disposable item happens to be amongst your waste, we will discuss alternative solutions with you.

At L & C Skip Hire we always make certain that we are aware of any modifications to the legal side of things. If you are unsure as to whether a particular object is permitted inside our skips, let us know and we will help you. We are committed to providing the best services after-all, ensuring we will do all we can to ensure that all waste is disposed of in the correct manner.