Is there another way I can deal with my garden waste?

Skips are an excellent way to dispose of large quantities of waste. However, there’s more to them than meets the eye. We are one of the most environmentally friendly businesses working in skip hire Middlesbrough has. This means that we transport as much of your litter as possible to a recycling centre. After all, no one wants to fill up the landfills any more than is necessary.

Every now and then, we must clean our gardens out. Garden waste could be anything from leaves and twigs to rubble and bricks. Nearly any unwanted articles coming from garden activities are ones you can class as garbage. This is even true for garden furniture and plant pots.

The problem with a garden fire

It’s true that you don’t necessarily have to use a skip to remove everything. For instance, you can opt for a man with a van service or have a garden fire. However, authorities regulate the latter with strict rules. You are unable to burn any debris that can be harmful to someone’s health. You’re not allowed to partake in any action that would cause a disruption either. If you break any of the established rules, you could end up with a £5,000 fine.

As for the man with a van service, it can be costly. You’re not simply paying for a van to collect your refuse here. There are also disposal and labour costs. One cost-effective alternative could be to wait for the council to pick your green bin up. They could keep you waiting for quite a while though. Overall, the most appropriate choice would be to go with our skip service.

At L&C Skip Hire, we offer clients a convenient, practical, and very affordable way of depositing and conveying their waste. This is regardless of whether they belong to the domestic or commercial sectors. Our flexibility and the excellent value for money we offer are the reason we are the top name for skip hire Middlesbrough has.

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