Keeping Christmas waste to a minimum

L&C is responsible for providing the finest services for skip hire Middlesbrough has. We’ve helped many customers over the years. This includes those who have never had skips before. Along the way, we’ve given them crucial advice to help them make the right choices.

Christmas is a period many people love. Saying this however, you can’t deny that it’s possible to create a huge volume of waste around this time. If you already have a skip, this can potentially cause problems. This is because the excess rubbish can cause your skip to overflow. To prevent this, here are some tips on how you can cut down on the litter.


Whilst shopping, make certain you plan ahead. We’re all familiar with the Christmas list at this point. However, it can continue growing as the days go by. You can thank all of those novelty titbits and the latest gadgets for this. We never intend on buying them but end up doing so anyway. Worst of all, much of this is waste once Christmas is over. Stick to your original list and cut down on the clutter.

Wrap with care

Be careful with your wrapping as well. Try to take an economical approach. Many forms of wrapping paper use metallic or foil materials. As a result you cannot recycle them properly. Recycled or all-paper materials are the best option. They are far more environmentally friendly. You should also reuse boxes, bows, and ribbons.

At L&C Skip Hire, we only supply those skips that will get the job done. Our sizes start from 2 yards and go all the way up to 40 yards. The smaller sizes are the ones you will want for disposing of your Christmas leftovers unless you have lots of waste. You can put all kinds of recyclable items in them. Just remember you can’t throw away things like old electricals.

If you would like to know more about our skips, don’t hesitate to contact us. We offer the highest rated skip hire Middlesbrough can provide. Rely on us this festive season as well as afterwards; we will keep your home clear.