Know what not to throw in your skip

Skips offer the ideal solution to any large scale job. This could be a decorating, renovation or refurbishment project. You can place one directly outside the property you are working on. This allows you to easily dispose of all waste and rubbish. But, due to health and safety and environmental issues, there are many items that are unsuitable for a skip. We often get queries about what can and cannot go in skips. So, we have put together a list. This will help ensure our customers have the right details before they use skip hire in Middlesbrough.

Electrical items

Skip hire MiddlesbroughYou are not permitted to put electrical items such as TVs, fridge freezers or dishwashers into a skip. Waste electrical items cannot mix with general waste. With these, responsible disposal is crucial. Batteries contain several chemicals as well as metals. So, these need handling separately. You can recycle them at local supermarkets as well as petrol stations. Or, you can find your closest local battery recycling centre online. Car batteries are equally dangerous and you cannot throw them in a skip. They contain high traces of lead and you should appropriately dispose of them.

Chemicals and medical rubbish

Solvents, paint, and fuel are chemical compounds. They are seen as hazardous waste. This is as well as fluorescent lighting tubes which contain mercury. As such, these are dangerous products and are unsuitable for a skip. Medical waste cannot go in a skip either. This is because it carries a risk of contamination and infection. Anything from biological waste to needles requires correct, careful disposal.

Gas cylinders

Gas cylinders can be highly dangerous. This is the case regardless of whether they are empty or full. Even the smallest amount of residue can be harmful. A standard skip hire firm will not be licensed to remove them. Rather, you should contact the original supplier of the cylinder. Many companies provide a collection and recycling service.

Call L&C now

These are just a few of the items that you should leave out of skips. If you need any further information, we are happy to help. We provide a range of skips in several sizes. Whatever the size of your project we can help. Our team can offer the ideal solution for skip hire in Middlesbrough and across the surrounding regions. As an environmentally friendly firm with a commitment to our local communities, we are your first choice.