Knowing your limits with skip hire

What we pride ourselves on the most is being able to deliver a first class, local service to our clients. Operating throughout the region, we make it our mission to offer the very best skip hire in Middlesbrough and the wider area. Whatever your needs we are confident we have the right skips for you and can deliver them promptly.

Hiring skips is both a cost effective and practical means of disposing of massive amounts of waste. When the rubbish is too extensive for conventional methods a skip is the best option. It is fast, reliable, and you can ensure that the materials are not simply dumped, particularly if you choose a reliable company with the right credentials. It is always wise to remember it is your responsibility to confirm that the company you choose handles the waste properly.

Skips come in a plethora of sizes and are ideal for both industrial and commercial usage. Their measurements are generally taken in cubic yards. As a rule of thumb, a single cubic yard can hold as much as one metric tonne of waste, which is 1,000kg. If we put this into context, one metric tonne rounds up to around 340 standard house bricks.

When you look at how much waste you can put in a skip it is wise to start with the yardage. You can then look at how much this translates to in terms of the volume of rubbish they can hold. It is important to remember that you cannot exceed legal limits in terms of the combined weight of the skip and the collection lorry. Therefore if you have a huge amount of heavy materials you may need to order multiple skips to meet safety requirements.

At L and C Skip Hire we can advise you on the most appropriate module to use for any given situation. Skips are the best way to manage considerable amounts of waste, but one of the most crucial things you need to be aware of are the limitations. If you require any help or advice, simply contact our team.