Loading the skip effectively

Everyone deserves to have a waste disposal company they can rely on. This is an important service for many reasons, including the fact that it ensures homes are clean and hygienic. Ours is the best establishment specialising in skip hire Middlesbrough has. People trust us because they know we can provide them with a high quality service.

To guarantee effective and efficient waste disposal, you must pay attention to how you load your skip. We’re not simply talking about what you can and can’t put inside it. We also mean you need to have the right approach to actually loading the skip up. If you’re uncertain about what to do, we have some advice that can help.

Make it easy

You should begin by putting your rubbish close to where you want the skip. Piling everything up shall give you a better idea of what size module you’ll need. Additionally, this will make loading it up considerably easier.

Fill in the right order

In order to maximise space whilst loading the skip, load all flat goods first. Afterwards, you can attend to the heavy and bulky items. By doing things this way, you can ensure that you’re using every part of the skip.

While shifting the heavier objects, place them carefully so you leave as little space as possible. Once you’re finished with these bulky items, crush the remaining ones so the pieces are smaller. Use them to fill the remaining space around bigger items.

At L&C Skip Hire, we have a collection of small and large skips. With them at your side, you’ll have no trouble disposing of even the largest quantities of waste. We provide the highest quality skip hire Middlesbrough can offer, ensuring fast, reliable services.

If you have any questions you’d like to ask us about our skips, you’re welcome to contact us anytime. We are a long standing local company so you can rely on us to advise you.