Never rely on unlicensed operators

L&C is an establishment with a commitment to delivering a high quality service. We aim for it to be reliable and affordable too. Because of this, we’re the finest providers of skip hire Stockton has. Even if you have an uncommonly large amount of waste to deal with, our skips can help you.

There are many environmental rules and regulations in to think about. Since this is the case, you would be forgiven for wanting to streamline the waste disposal process. However, it is unwise to use an unlicensed skip operator. This can be a false economy if they fail to dispose of items legally and correctly. The issue is that you must know where the waste goes after it leaves your property. To minimise stress, you should work with a reputable skip business like us.


With unlicensed operators, it’s possible for your waste to end up on the roadside. Someone could trace it back to you. If they do, you’ll end up being the perpetrator instead of the victim. When it comes to properly disposing of household waste, everyone has a degree of responsibility. As such, you must make sure you are dealing without someone who will not simply dump the rubbish.

Councils conduct investigations

Make no mistake; councils investigate situations like flytipping. They could potentially take you to court to regain the money spent clearing the roadside. Things could also get worse if someone ends up burning the litter that’s there. Save yourself all this trouble and call on our team to arrange skip hire. We are licensed and make certain that every item gets proper disposal.

At L&C, we have professional drivers who deliver and retrieve your skips. In terms of positioning and delivery times, we’re incredibly flexible. In addition, we try to avoid using landfill as much as we can.

If you want the best skip hire Stockton can offer our team is the one to call. Please let us know if you have any questions or need any help choosing a module.