Opt for an eco-friendly Easter

We have been one of Teesside’s premier skip companies for a long time. The L&C team provides flexible services that aim to meet everyone’s requirements. For instance, we can aid you with small domestic projects, as well as large industrial and commercial ones. This is why we are the leading business working in skip hire Stockton has today.

With Easter having recently passed, we feel that it is important to talk about how you can have a more eco-friendly holiday. Easter is one of the most fun times of the year. Some will even claim it is their favourite. You can meet up with friends and family, without some of the stress that comes with Christmas.

Unnecessary rubbish

Skip hire StocktonWhile it is a really nice time, Easter can come with a lot of unnecessary packaging and rubbish. In 2018, research by Which? found that the worst offending big-brand Easter egg was more than a third packaging by weight. That is a lot of waste.

At this point, we are a few years down the line. More households are turning to the idea of a plastic free Easter egg and eco-friendly gifts. What you need to ask yourself here is how you can ensure you avoid unnecessary packaging litter. We can help you by going over some of the available options for zero-waste gifts and eco-friendly packaging. We can also offer skip hire in Stockton to deal with large amounts of waste.

The possibilities

Opting for an eco-friendly approach during the holidays is a great idea. Plastic free eggs are an excellent way for you to start. Many products now come with a cardboard box and no plastic window at the front. That can reduce the amount of non-recyclable waste.

Another possibility would be to try making your own eggs. Get your hands on a reusable mould and ‘paint’ thin chocolate layers onto it up to the thickness you desire. Afterwards, remove from your mould and then stick your two halves together with melted chocolate. You won’t need any packaging at all here.

As for the gifts, you can get creative and go for something like an eco-friendly Easter bonnet. An all-natural wreath is another possibility. The handmade items are always more valuable. Furthermore, you are in control of the materials you use.

We’re there when you need us to offer skip hire in Stockton

At L&C Skip Hire, we aim to be with the customer where and when they need us. Our delivery people shall arrive at the date and time you specify. Once you finish with the skip, we will be back to collect it in good time.

So, if you would like to benefit from the leading services for skip hire Stockton has, please let us know. We work all around the year to ensure we can deal with waste after all kinds of holidays and events.