Planning an environmentally friendly house clear out

In order to offer everyone a first rate skip service, we have the ability to supply an array of sizes. The models we have range from 2 yards to 40 yards. They will be able to help you complete all kinds of different jobs, from large commercial clearances to smaller domestic projects. In addition, we are able to supply them to you when and where you need them. As a result, we are known for being the leading company in skip hire Stockton residents can rely on.

Clean everything out responsibly

Skip hire StocktonEvery so often, your house is going to require a clear out. Clutter can easily accumulate with enough time. Before you realise it, you will find yourself tripping over old papers, broken furniture, and other objects. Chances are you won’t need most or any of these.

Having a massive clear out is one of the most satisfying projects there is. However, you need to do this responsibly. Everyone has a social responsibility to lower household refuse and ensure they are being eco-conscious. Knowing this, it is vital to plan an environmentally friendly clear out for the house.


Part of this plan requires you to recycle as much as you can. You may consider placing everything in bags and throwing it all into your bin. But, you must lower how much you send to the landfill. The best way to do this is recycling.

Begin by determining what you don’t need any more and sort the rubbish into groups. Some items can go into a skip, others you will be able to donate, and there may be some items you can upcycle. If you hire a skip from environmentally conscious people like us, your waste will be disposed of properly rather than go straight to landfill. Contact us if you require the finest skip hire Stockton can offer.

Repurposing and upcycling

You might have some old furniture that could do well if given some paint or new upholstery. Think about this as an alternative to purchasing new furnishings. If you reuse things, you will lower the consumption of virgin substances. You can also get an incredible vintage look.


Finally, you should hire a skip. We touched on this briefly already. It is one of the easiest ways of making your home clear out an environmentally friendly affair. Once you put your waste into a skip, we will dispose of it for you. We shall divide the materials and recycle them responsibly.

Reliable skip hire in Stockton

At L&C Skip Hire, we know how important our work is to the clients. In addition to being environmentally friendly, it is affordable and convenient. There are all sorts of things you can put in our skips too, such as garden waste and general household items. For certain other objects though, you will need to use specialist disposal services. You can speak to us if you are not sure if your items are appropriate for the skip.

So, for the greatest skip hire Stockton can give, please give us a call or book online. We offer flexible services and all the support you need for large and small projects. This can even include permits.