Practicing proper skip safety

Skip hire is the name of the game in our company and from our Middlesbrough base, we can provide skips to every part of the region. Whether you live in Stokesley, Darlington or Norton, we can drop off and pick back up the modules that we provide to you when you specify. We know that you don’t want large volumes of waste on your property, but with our help you have a practical and affordable means of disposal.

To make sure that your skip is used in the correct manner, several steps and rules need to be followed. It is imperative that the contents of the skip do not protrude outside of the unit. This could pose a hazard for road users and pedestrians alike, whether it is located on a public road or accessible land. Don’t overload it either, as items that drop out can pose a serious health and safety risk.

When you want to highlight the presence of the skip at night, it can help to place cones with amber lights attached to them around it. Reflective markers should be present along each side. Skips should also not be placed on pavements that block pedestrian access, over manhole covers and other areas where access is restricted.

If you hire a skip you need to ensure it is not filled with waste which poses a fire or explosion risk, or rubbish that can raise environmental concerns. Speaking of fire, you absolutely cannot light one in a skip. In addition to causing damage to the unit and its paintwork, starting one will make you liable for the damages and the Environmental Agency could prosecute you.

At L and C Skip Hire we have several sized skips available that are appropriate for a variety of different jobs. We are also a very environmentally friendly company, disposing of as much waste as possible by way of recycling in a highly professional manner. Should you need a skip for your waste, our company is here to help.