Put your autumn garden waste in a skip

When someone comes across a task they can’t complete alone, they must find another means of doing it. It’s the same with waste disposal. Fortunately, we are the number one team specialising in skip hire Hartlepool has. We will offer a solution that is both practical and cost effective.

Big changes

Once the autumn arrives, it has an effect on our gardens that we cannot ignore. Not every leaf falls during this time. However, those that do cover the ground and end up as a mulchy rotting mass. You need to deal with this quickly to avoid issues like stains and attracting wildlife. Some of the bigger shrubs and dead growth from your summer bedding plants will need attending to as well.

Even if your garden is small, it will be able to generate more litter than a standard bin can handle. As a result, a skip would be the ideal investment. The following are also garden jobs that may require a skip.

Cutting down branches

It is important to be proactive with cutting down dead branches. Eventually, the branches shall be bare of leaves so you can check for signs of rot and damage. Remove any that are at risk of falling off during a strong wind. This will help to keep the garden safer and is also better for the trees. You can put any offcuts into a skip for disposal.


Skips come in handy when you clear out flowerbeds too. Sadly their beauty will begin to wane away once august ends. If there is any dead growth, get it out. Normally, there are limitations on placing soil inside domestic wheelie bins. Therefore, you would be better off with a skip.

At L&C Skip Hire, we offer skips that are appropriate for all kinds of jobs. With so many available, figuring out which one is best for you can be hard. However, you can ask us for advice if you are stuck.

With fast delivery and great prices, we are the best for skip hire Hartlepool has. Get in touch today if you would like to know more about us.