Recyclable goods you didn’t know were recyclable

Sometimes, what you need is a local service that’s both trustworthy and cost effective. The business we run fits that description quite nicely. For years, we’ve gone out of our way to help those who are struggling to fruitfully dispose of their waste by providing them with skips. As a result, the community considers ours the leading establishment specialising in skip hire Stockton has.

The whole nation has increased its concentration on improving recycling rates and sustainability in recent times. As a result, most people know about all the ordinary items that you can recycle. This includes paper, tin cans, cardboard, and glass bottles, all of which you can put in a skip. There are also several other recyclable objects around your home you might not even know are suitable for the process.

VHS tapes

VHS tapes are a good example. Anyone born prior to 2000 is likely to have a few still kicking about, regardless of whether there’s anything watchable on them. Chucking them out may seem like a smart move, but it’s possible to recycle the tapes. Once you dismantle them, you’re free to use them as packaging for all kinds of merchandise.


Shockingly, you can recycle inhalers too. Each year, people throw away hundreds of these used life-saving inventions after they’ve served their purpose. What you should do instead is let your local pharmacy have them. They can see to it that your inhaler receives the proper treatment.


The final article on our list is the cork. After you’ve recycled them, you can utilise corks in sports gear for gyms and schools, insulation, and flooring tiles. It is a very useful material and you can save lots of resources by recycling them.

At L&C Skip Hire, we operate an environmentally friendly practice that responsibly and ethically disposes of your refuse. In addition, our delivery times are flexible. This makes ours one of the most convenient services available.

If we can assist you with something, please let us know. You can work with us confident you are dealing with the most approachable team for skip hire Stockton has.