Recycling and packing labels explained

Recycling symbols and packing labels help people identify how items should be disposed of; this is to make sure they are recycled properly, or to check if something can’t be recycled at all. In today’s age following the guides correctly is more important than ever. This applies especially for hiring skips; the provider will have to sort through the waste searching for recyclable material. At L&C, one of the most experienced teams for skip hire Middlesbrough has, we take recycling very seriously.

To make sure you know and understand what each symbol means for day to day, this blog will inform you of the relevant information. We hope it will make it easier for you to dispose of items more effectively in a skip and recycling box.

Recycle Now is one of the biggest recycling campaigns in England; its symbol looks like a circular arrow. This symbol can be discovered at facilities all over the UK including on containers, vehicles, and literature. This symbol is for sheer demonstration encouraging the act of recycling.

The Mobius Loop is the most recognised symbol, featuring three arrows bent into a triangular shape. This indicates that the object is recyclable widely, but perhaps not at your local facility. The percentage figure on the symbol tells us how much of the packaging is made of recycled material.

For recycling steel look out for the symbol of a small can being pulled by a horseshoe magnet. It indicates it is steel and should be recycled. Note the object needs to be washed before disposing of it, especially if it were used for food. Aluminium recycling symbols feature the abbreviation ‘alu’ inside two semi-circular arrows. This just states that the material is made from the material and can be recycled.

One of the more prevalent images, the Tidyman, is a symbol showing a stick figure binning his litter. Although this isn’t a sign that relates to recycling, it is more of a reminder to dispose of waste properly. It is important to know these basic symbols, if you really want to help contribute to helping our planet.

L&C Skip Hire Middlesbrough are highly experienced in different aspects of recycling. We are dedicated to disposing of waste as effectively as possible, ensuring resources are preserved where possible and protecting the environment.

If you require skip hire services, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.