Reducing plastic bag usage

With any kind of service, you will want one that is reliable and affordable at the same time. Our local business is here to give you just that when you need skips. With us you will find the best skip hire Hartlepool has to offer. There is a considerable collection of units here so we are sure we will have one that can meet your requirements.

One item we often find in skips is the plastic carrier bag. Everyone has used one at some point in their lives. For shoppers, they do provide a great amount of convenience. At the same time though, they are a frequent source of waste on the streets. They are not exactly eco-friendly and increase the level of rubbish that travels to the landfill.

Recent efforts

Skip hire HartlepoolIn recent history however, there was the widely publicised introduction of the charge on these bags in the UK. Wales and Scotland actually had this measure earlier though. In a mere 11 weeks, carrier bag usage went down by 147 million. As for Wales, use fell by 78%.

This information is significant because of how bio-degradable thin gauge, single use carrier bags are. When you throw them away, they turn into part of the ecosystem instead of rotting down into the ground. We also have to consider the effects on CO2 emissions during the creation of these bags. Lowering the use of plastic bags shall give us substantial environmental advantages. Moreover, it will help everyone keep them away from the streets and landfills.

Use the reusable

One way you can do your part is by using reusable bags. You should stop using the single use ones altogether as well. There are many reusable ones that are not plastic. They are also far stronger and hold more. In the long term, they will give you more value for your money. For maximum effectiveness, you should have these bags every time you go shopping.

Another thing you can do is reuse the carrier bags you have already. Consider doing this the next time you need to shop. You can get several uses out of the bags before you have to throw them away.

Returning bags

One other possible option would be to return your bags. There are supermarkets that provide home delivery services. What they may do is collect unwanted, old bags. Afterwards, they will reuse them for other deliveries. Many large stores also allow you to return bags to the store.

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If you dispose of waste in a skip you don’t need to put it in plastic bags to throw in the bin or take to landfill. That is a much better option for the environment. So, for the highest quality skip hire Hartlepool has to offer, contact our team today. We take care with materials and do our best to recycle where we can.