Safety tips for when you use a skip

Skips are definitely one of the best ways of managing and disposing of waste. However, you need to ensure you take care when you use one. There are some hazards to consider and things you will have to do to maximise safety. Below are some of our top tips. Some of them are common sense but others you need to plan for. As the top provider of skip hire Redcar has, we are always happy to offer advice like this so clients have the best service.


All skips need to sit on a flat, stable surface. The last thing you want is for them to become unstable when they are full of heavy waste. With this in mind you should prepare the area where the skip will sit. Make sure it is level, free of obstructions, and easy to move around.


Skip hire RedcarThe highest risk of injury is when you are loading the skip. You should take care when you are carrying items and placing them. Don’t try to carry too much. Make sure you look out for anything sharp that could hurt you.

Some people will use a ramp to help them fill the skip. This is especially common when people are using a wheelbarrow to remove loads of earth, stone, and other materials. You need to take extra care here to make sure the ramp is stable and that the wheelbarrow won’t fall off or tip backwards.


One of the most dangerous things you can do is overfill a skip. This can mean there is a risk of waste falling out and causing injury. It could also leave hazardous items sticking out of the module. You should keep an eye on the fill line and stay underneath it.

Public safety

In some cases there is no choice but to put a skip on a public road. If you do need to do that you have a responsibility to ensure public safety. What you will need to do is make sure the skip is visible during the day and at night. You may need to use lights and cones to do this.

You will need to take extra care when you transport waste to the skip too. Always keep an eye on the pavement to make sure people aren’t going to walk in the way. You may also need to cover the skip overnight.

Hazardous items

You also need to think about safety in terms of the items you put in the skip. You can’t put anything in that would cause harm to people or the environment. This includes things like chemicals, plasterboard, asbestos, paint cans, and lots more. You should always check with the skip provider before disposing of anything.

Safe skip hire in Redcar

L&C is a professional team with a great track record for offering safe, reliable services. We can offer a solution for various needs, including small house clearances, building work, or large scale industrial projects. In every case we look to offer the right skip and all the advice we can. The latter includes safety tips.

So, if you need skip hire, Redcar has no better business. Contact us today and we will arrange a service for you.