Some things you shouldn’t throw away

We have been a skip specialist for a long time now. L&C is here to serve all of Teesside, giving every client an easy way to get rid of waste. You can use the skips we have for a wide range of jobs, including commercial and domestic ones. As a result, ours are some of the most versatile services for skip hire Redcar has.

Skip hire RedcarWe talk a fair amount about the items you should dispose of in skips. However, we feel that some attention should be given to the goods you should not get rid of. It may seem strange, but it is a topic that needs discussion. In the modern era, the majority of items may appear to be disposable. It is fine to get rid of things here and there, but you cannot just throw everything away. Some goods may not be appropriate for the skip and others might still be usable. Read on if you are curious to find out what you should keep.

Old t-shirts

The first item we will go over is old t-shirts. Those garments you used to love but now have stains or holes should not go to waste. Start by cutting them up into usable squares and use them as substitute cloths or rags. They are soft, which is good for cleaning, and do a good job absorbing water. You can use them to clean up sinks, cabinets, and more. Moreover, you can rewash them without them unravelling thanks to the materials.


Excess paint is something else you will want to hold onto. Keep it for when you next want to do some home improvements. It can come in handy when you get scratches on your walls or have to paint over any marks. Try putting the paint into compact containers that are more appropriate for the amount you have left, making sure you can seal them properly.

Old copper wire

Are you aware of how valuable copper wire is? You can collect the old pieces that lie around your property. Sell it for scrap rather than putting it in a skip or bin. If you do need the best services for skip hire Redcar can offer, make sure you contact us.


You may have an old blanket with a stain or hole, making it seem useless. However, there are various animal shelters that are in need of items like this. They give the animals somewhere cosy to sleep. Additionally, they wrap animals in them in order to easily handle them in situations where they may become frightened.

We are there when you need us to offer skip hire in Redcar

At L&C Skip Hire, we provide services that comes with competitive pricing and quick delivery. In addition, we do everything in our power to make our whole operation as green as possible. We will recycle items at every given opportunity to save the resources.

So, please let us know if you wish to use the foremost services for skip hire Redcar has. We can arrange everything for you and have lots of tips if you need any advice.