Stacking loaded skips only leads to trouble

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Accidents that involve workplace transportation are some of the most serious incidents within the waste management sector. The most significant accidents tend to be those that are related to lifting procedures.

No national standards for the creation of containers and skips exist, but a fair few regularly used industry standards do. These are created by and are available from the Container Handling Equipment Manufacturers Association or CHEM for short. CHEM represents a number of suppliers and manufacturers that dispense equipment to the waste sector. When applicable, those who are members adopt standards that are defined in a host of documents that are created by them.

In terms of the accidents themselves, stacking skips is one of the most common causes. For loaded skips, stacking them on top of one another leads to vehicle stability concerns and is thought of as bad practice. Should transports with loaded stacked skips be located on the highway, they may be subject to enforcement activities by the DVLA. Additionally, due to stability and accessibility, filled skips shouldn’t be stacked at waste transfer stations or yards.

At L&C Skip Hire we always make certain that our practices meet the relevant standards to maximise safety. Skips might be ideal when managing large volumes of waste, but unless they are handled with care, everything could literally come crashing down. Rest assured that whenever we are on the job, rubbish shall be disposed of in the correct ways.

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