Staying within your skip hire budget

Skips come in handy whenever you’re working on a project that produces large quantities of waste. The crucial thing if you hire one of your own is to locate a trustworthy supplier. Luckily we are the best company specialising in skip hire Hartlepool has. We don’t just offer skips of varying sizes; we also provide great prices and reliable delivery.

Most individuals know how invaluable skips are when it comes to getting rid of rubbish. Of course, not everyone has the same budget. Some people will therefore look for ways of slashing the expenses. The following are strategies you can use to keep costs down.

Safe items

Whatever you do, avoid putting restricted goods inside the skip. This is to prevent any financial and legal ramifications. You may be left with extra fees and fines if you choose to ignore this advice.

There are all kinds of restrictions in place. As a result, you should do some research before making any moves. Examples of objects you cannot put in skips include paint and oil cans, tyres, freezers, and refrigerators.


Speaking of placing items inside skips, be sure not to overload yours. After-all, once we come to collect it we must do so in a safe manner. Too much weight and the whole vehicle may be over its legal limit. Such a situation can result in fines of £1,000 for drivers. It is much better to stick to the set limits.

At L&C Skips, we don’t simply want to provide our customers with an excellent service. We want to ensure that they’re doing things legally too. If we notice any problems, we shall inform you of them. Additionally, we’ll tell you how you can rectify these issues so there are no concerns such as fines.

We are confident you will see why we are the go to team for skip hire Hartlepool has. If you want to do business with us, please contact our company. We offer skips to suit every kind of job, from the largest industrial clearances to emptying a shed or flat.