Storing solid waste in a skip

If there’s one effective disposal method out there, it’s using a skip. Available in various sizes, you can use them to get rid of most kinds of refuse. As a result, they come in handy on numerous projects. We happen to be the best business for skip hire Middlesbrough has. This means you should speak to us the next time you require one.

While we work hard to get skips to you as quickly as possible, you may have a short wait. If you do it is important you figure out how you’re going to hygienically and safely store your waste. It’s no good leaving it lying around in the meantime. Instead you should prepare it for disposal.

Let’s talk about what you can do with solid waste. This can include office litter like cardboard and builder’s waste like bricks. The best option is to put rubbish in a tidy pile. You need to make certain that there are zero slipping and tripping hazards. Paper and cardboard is easier to manage when you weigh it all down. This stops the wind from blowing it away.

Keep your goods safe

It would be worth your time to safeguard your solid waste against theft and vandalism too. Be especially careful when disposing of metals. There are people who are on the lookout for these materials so they can sell them for scrap. Sadly they are unlikely to have any concerns about leaving your property clean when they steal the items. To prevent any issues, you can hide these precious commodities at the bottom of your pile. Alternatively, you can keep them separate from everything else.

At L&C Skip Hire, we come to the aid of everyone who requires skips. It doesn’t matter where it is in Teesside you live. After you call us, we will make our way to you with your order. We can even arrange permits if you have to put the module on the road.

To organise everything, visit our website and enter your details. If you need anything else from us, please don’t hesitate to ask. We are the top supplier of skip hire Middlesbrough has because we make it so easy to get rid of waste. Rely on us for any sized project.