Strategic skip hire for kitchen renovations

Our belief is that every customer deserves a first class service. It doesn’t matter whether they are after a skip or something else. We go above and beyond to ensure that everyone receives the assistance they are after. This focus has made us the best establishment specialising in skip hire Stockton has.

There is all sorts you can do when you have a bit of free time. House renovations come to mind for many of us. However, such tasks can be huge. Therefore, a smart plan would be to have a decent sized skip ready for when the disposal starts. One of the most common renovations is a kitchen makeover because it can add lots of value.

The kitchen is one of those rooms we’re certain to use each day. This really shows sometimes too. Broken cupboard hinges, burn marks, and food stains are all pop up frequently. You don’t always have to redecorate when you see them, but every so often you should think about it.

How much time will it take?

The amount of time you’ll spend on the project can vary. It all depends on what you’re disposing of. For example, you could simply be replacing your worktops. This will only take you a day or two at most. However, you may be replacing everything from top to bottom. You’ll be spending a lot longer on this. Whatever the case, the things you’re going to get rid of won’t all fit in a kitchen bin. As a result you shall need some strategically timed skip hire.

What can go in?

What you need to remember here though is that not everything can go inside the skip. Prohibited items include but aren’t limited to freezers and fridges. If you need advice about this we are happy to help.

At L&C Skip Hire, the services we provide are the most convenient around. We’ll deliver to you at the time you specify and then retrieve quickly at the end of your project. Our team can do this with all module sizes, from domestic ones all the way to larger industrial models.

If you want the best skip hire Stockton has, work with a team that sets very high standards. Contact us today to arrange the right service.