The dangers of piling up waste

To this day, skips remain one of the most convenient and practical ways of transporting waste. If you’re interested in skip hire Middlesbrough has no better company working for it than our own. Regardless of whether you are a domestic or commercial client, we’ll make sure we meet your needs.

When waste starts piling up, it doesn’t take long for it to become a hazard, putting people and the property at risk. The following are reasons why you cannot allow this to happen.


To begin with, you’ll be increasing the fire risk. Much of the refuse that people dispose of at home is flammable. Examples include packaging and wrappers. Construction also produces flammable substances, such as insulation materials and timber. The bigger your pile gets, the greater the risk of fire. One stray spark could be enough to start a blaze. It’s always a safer and smarter idea to avoid waste build ups altogether.

Unsanitary environments

Another reason why you need to avoid piling up your waste is that it’s simply unsanitary. Rubbish will eventually begin decaying. When this happens, it shall turn into a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. This will attract a fair number of pests as well. You might have to deal with airborne bacteria or mould growth. Whatever the case, you’ll end up with an unsanitary environment. This can actually spread to your neighbour’s property too, which they won’t be happy about.

Skip Hire MiddlesbroughUse a skip

At L&C Skip Hire, we have small and large skips for varying quantities of rubbish. We like to give customers peace of mind when they work with us. This is something we accomplish by providing a solution that suits their budget. Additionally, we dispose of their waste in a manner that benefits the environment.

Rather than letting waste build up, rely on us to offer the best skip hire Middlesbrough can offer. Our service is fast and cost effective. More importantly, it means all the rubbish is in one place and not causing any harm. Contact us if you require our services.