The importance of eco-friendly disposal

At L&C Skip Hire, our Middlesbrough based team has been providing effective disposal methods in the form of our skips for a number of years. We have worked on commercial and domestic jobs, making sure our service is as environmentally friendly as possible whilst also meeting the needs of our clients.

In September of 2011 Regulation 12 of the Waste Regulations 2011 Duty came into effect. It states that any business involved in the management of waste, such as ours, must take all reasonable measures to apply the waste hierarchy. In other words, we must do everything we can to prevent disposal and find practical applications for the waste. A few examples include distributing furniture to those in need, donating unused paint to a local charity, electrical equipment still in operation can be donated to the British Heart Foundation, and many charities such as Age UK can take in your unwanted clothes.

The more waste societies generate and dispose of, the greater the amount of greenhouse gasses and air pollutants that are released into the atmosphere. The most common disposal method in the UK is landfills. The issue here is that roughly 1.5 million tonnes of methane gas are released each year from these sites and this contributes to global warming. Incineration is another method with risks as burning the waste can give off a large amount of carbon dioxide and other hazardous pollutants. However more modern incinerators can use the waste to generate electricity and prevent the energy from being wasted.

Apart from regular recycling, people can adopt more sustainable ways of disposing of waste. One way is to compost organic waste, including food and garden types as this waste breaks down after a few weeks into mulch that can be used as soil fertiliser.

Our skip hire company does the very best it can to aid the environment when providing our services. If you are in need of eco-friendly disposal methods, we are a fantastic choice for you.