The metals that are worth recycling

Skips are the best option if you have a large amount of waste to take care of. You tend to produce more when tackling some kind of home renovation project. However, it can merely build up over time if you neglect to clear out on a regular basis. If things do get out of hand, don’t worry. Our team is here to provide the best skip hire Redcar has available.

Recycling is more essential than ever

Skip hire RedcarThe fact you can recycle scrap metal is not the newest of concepts. During the last few years though, it has become far more mandatory. Societies and governments the world over are working hard to reduce energy costs. They are also working to preserve our natural resources. Recycling is one of the best ways to do this. However, you need to keep in mind that some metals are more recyclable than others.

With recycling metals, the most important thing to understand is what metals are worth taking to recycle. Prices can vary quite a bit here if your plan is straight up disposal. However, alternatives exist, and the finest skip hire Redcar has is one of them. A big part of our business is recycling. It allows you to get rid of your metal quickly and keep your property clean while also doing a bit to help the environment.


This is the most commonly recycled metal. We use it in hundreds of industries, including automotive, hardware tools, and construction. Due to its magnetic characteristics, it comes in handy for electronic appliances and products.

You can divide steel into three primary scrap categories. The first is home scrap. This type originates from within a steel mill and you can normally re-use it within a few weeks.

Up next is prompt scrap. This comes from products manufactured using steel. It tends to be available within a few months.

Finally, there is obsolete scrap. Of all the types of steel waste, this is the least valuable. Normally, it comes from steel products that have come to the end of their natural life. This is where the name comes from.


This is another material worth recycling. People use it for wiring and electrical applications. Outside of these, it is useful in roofing and plumbing solutions. As a result you can find a lot in your home when you do a renovation. When you recycle it, you need to dilute scrap copper. If there are impurities, the finished product can become substandard.


Lastly, we are going to talk about aluminium. This is one of the most versatile metals in existence. It provides an impressive number of environmental benefits too thanks to its recyclability. Aluminium’s production process also aids us in lowering CO2 emissions. This alone makes it worth recycling.

Arrange skip hire in Redcar for metal

At L&C Skip Hire, we like to dispose of all our waste the right way. At every given opportunity, we use recycling instead of the landfill. The skips come in multiple sizes too so that clients have options for their own unique circumstances.

If you require the greatest skip hire Redcar has to offer, please contact us. We can arrange it for you, even organising permits if you need to put the skip on the road outside your property.